My Vision of the world and my sculpture are intimately related. For me, creating a mask is materializing an idea through shape, matter and color.
An Idea finds its justification when it reaches the stage of becoming sculpture. I never begin a mask, for example, with the sole idea of creating something original: I seek above all to understand something intuitively.
My Ideas on mankind and philosophy lead me to examine a new “3D” form, to trace traditional scenes. I am attracted by the African view. Perhaps, as Arthur Rimbaud wrote, “Real life is elsewhere. We are not the world”
My sculptures have always reflected conflictual situations connected to what is happening around me in the world.
Grounded in an artisanal design sometimes functional, linked by cultural signs and symbols. Formulating an alphabet charged with tensions whose sources are mythical and which achieve their fullest expression through metaphorical images, confusing past, present and future.

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